Standard of Sphynx

Breed standard according to WCF (World Cat Federation)

The World Cat Federation is an international association such as FIFe and TICA, under which there are several cats clubs and in turn, this federation serves as a connection for clubs to be recognized.

All bald cat breeders who want to obtain monetary gains by means of the sale of Egyptian cats will have to abide by the norms established by some of the federations previously mentioned.

We are -as bald cat breeders- governed by the regulations or standards of the World Cat Federation, which is organized similarly to the FIFe but with its own philosophy.

Generally they are immersed in the defense of the animals, for which they have been working successfully in the development of laws on animal protection in Strasbourg, in the European Parliament.

The World Cat Federation is based in Germany, but has more than 400 registered clubs and more than 10,000 cat breeding sites.

This organization has standards for the 61 breeds of cats that they recognize, also trains judges of the exhibitions and organizes exams for this training.

Rules of the sphynx breed according to the WCF

These standards mention in detail the physical characteristics that a hairless cat of sphynx breed should have.

According to the regulations of the World Cat Federation, the body of the sphynx cat must be muscular -it must never be obese- of medium size, rounded and with fine bone structure.

The thorax is broad while its abdomen is rounded, their front legs must be more separated than the hind legs due to the size of the thorax, with oval feet and long fingers.


The head of the sphynx cat should be of medium size and with a slightly rounded skull, with prominent cheekbones and moderate stop.

Its chin is well developed and strong, and its forehead is broad.


The eyes of the bald cat breed are possibly its second biggest attraction: the first one is its body, although for other people the eyes will surely be its main attraction.

The bald cat sphynx has large, wide-open eyes shaped like a lemon. An important detail is that the distance between both eyes must be greater than what one of their eyes measures, is something that is established within the WCF regulations.

Mostly sphynx cats are looked for with eyes the same color as its skin tone, so in case the bald cat breed has grayish skin, their eyes would have to be of gray tones.

However, there are specimens that do not meet this standard.

The eyes of the Egyptian cat do not have eyelashes, so they secrete a substance as a method of protection and hydration for their eyes.

Also -as WCF regulations- the eyes have to be aligned with the base of their beautiful ears.


Clearly the ears should be upright and always well erect. Their ears are broad at the base and lack hair inside.

According to the World Cat Federation standard, slight lint on the ear is allowed.


The neck of the bald cat breeds is medium length, so it should not be too long or too short.

The neck should have a good muscle tone and be slightly arched.


These legs are of medium size, always taking into consideration the proportion of the body, they have to look robust and with good muscle tone.

The hind legs are more raised than the front, and the front have more distance between them to have a broad thorax.

On their front legs it has five fingers on each, but on the hind legs it has four fingers on each.

The pads of their fingers are thick and it has long fingers.


These hairless cats have a flexible tail and a length proportional to the body; it has the shape of a whip, so it is wider at the base and becomes thinner as it reaches the tip.

Skin or fur

It is nicknamed hairless cat or bald cat breeds, but its skin is covered by a light hair. The texture should be kept soft, with the sensation of caressing a peach.

The sphynx cat in turn has wrinkles on the forehead, neck and legs, but whiskers are not desirable, according to the WCF standard.


The World Cat Federation accepts all kinds of colors and patterns in the skin of the sphynx cat, because in addition, what is normally seen as “hair color” is actually the cat’s skin.


The Sphinx cat -although according to its history is part of the Devon Rex- should not have similarities to this or the Cornish Rex, nor should it have the appearance similar to the oriental cat.

Another of the penalties includes the existence of hair in parts other than those mentioned above, as well as having a thin abdomen, a narrow chest or the front legs more extended than established.

Pedigree of the WCF

They must always have 4 generations of ancestors without counting the generation of the pedigree cat, and depending on the WCF club, it can be indicated which pedigree is desired.

There are two types: PET, which is being a companion cat, and BREEDER, which refers to cat breeding.

Therefore, if you want to raise cats, you must have the BREEDER pedigree, because with PET it is not possible to raise cats in any feline association.

Exhibitions of the World Cat Federation

In these exhibitions, the cats are distributed in breeds and groups, where a judge will evaluate each characteristic of the cat and point it in the “rapport”.

Within this event, cats can compete against others that do not have the same eye color, something that does not happen in FIFe exhibitions.

The categories by age that are admitted vary from “Baby”, which is when they have between 10 to 12 weeks, to “Senior” or adult, which is when they have more than 10 months, although only adults can get points at exhibitions.


Standard of Sphynx