Sphynx careSphyx Care

If what you want is a dependent pet, these sphynx cats are the ones.

Caring for a sphynx cat is like caring for a baby, demands attention, much more attention than caring for a cat of other breeds. But, these cares are not complicated, so after finding a routine, there will be no problem.

The Sphynx’s care required ranges from the bathroom to the clothes to be used when it is cold, even avoid being exposed to the sun for a long time.

All these cares are those that will make you have a healthy and long-lived bald cat Sphynx, so you can enjoy your charming company for many years.

Skin care

Its skin requires care in both cold and heat, as well as frequently so that your cat is clean and without high risks to contract diseases in the dermis.

One of the most important things in the care of these cats is its skin, and in a certain way it is related to the temperature. In winter you need to have a constant temperature of 22 to 25 degrees approximately and in summer you have to be careful with the sun as it can burn.

As for hygiene, the Egyptian cat’s skin can be cleaned with wet baby towels, especially between the folds since these pose a risk of dermatitis if they are not kept clean.

Visits to the veterinarian

Appointments to the veterinarian have always been necessary when you have a pet, and with them is how you keep a record of the health of the animals, they are prescribed vaccines and kept up to date everything related to deworming or conditions that can get to suffer the sphynx cats.

You can go to the veterinarian annually and it will be enough, but this will depend entirely on the way you see your cat. If you think you need a frequent visit, or you just feel more comfortable with a periodic review, that’s fine.

However, take into account that with each outing you must prepare yourself with everything necessary so that your sphynx cat does not suffer from the weather.

Generally with appointments to the veterinarian are prevented diseases such as kidney failure or urinary problems, scabies, as well as anemia, feline coronavirus, peritonitis or other diseases.


Well known that the temperature of the sphynx cat is higher than the usual temperature among other cats, extra care should be taken in this aspect, especially in winter.

Sphynx cats are warm weather, because its absence of hair it does not like cold weather, also they can get sick with a cold.

Although you try to keep the house at the right temperature, conserving the heat of the home, it usually happens that the temperature in winter lowers excessively and it is at this moment when the necessary measures must be taken.

You can use clothes for cats to shelter it, also make a bed or a nest full of blankets to keep warm, also provide shelter when the cat need it, as well as heat a bit its wet food or food that you prepare at home.

On the other hand, in summer the sun can cause it sunstroke, which can also cause burns or burning of the skin, so it is advisable to monitor its exposure to the sun in these hot times of the year and monitor that it is not having any adverse reaction.

The temperature of the home should not change too much, trying to keep it between 22° to 25° Celsius, since if it is a lower temperature the cat can suffer from a cold, have discomfort and flu.


Everyone who has or has had an Egyptian cat knows that they have a voracious appetite, so if you are going to get one, you will have to pay attention to how to divide the food rations.

The rations vary depending on the age and lifestyle that leads, where the manufacturer of the chosen brand establishes a measure that must be provided day by day, so from this will have to be rationalized.

As for the ideal type of food, it is preferable -and ideal- that you feed it with a balanced diet that combines solid food and wet or semi-moist food by 70% – 30%, or 80 – 20.

In general food should cover the amount of protein its body needs, especially the calories they need since they “sweat” because of their high body temperature.

So the best thing is that you feed your sphynx cat with a greater proportion of fats and proteins.


Vaccines are an important detail in the care of the Sphynx cat -as in the case of almost all pets- so visits to the veterinarian will help keep these vaccines up to date.

In this section is equal to all breeds of cats, where the cat sphynx can be vaccinated against diseases or infections such as calicivirus, peritonitis, feline leukemia, herpesvirus, rabies, panleukopenia, among others.


Following the advice of the veterinarian, you will know what dewormer to use and when to do it. So if you continue with the deworming treatment, you can prevent your Egyptian cat from being infested by external parasites -such as ticks or fleas- or internal parasites -protozoa or intestinal worms-.

Clean the place where you and your cat stay

Cleaning the place where the sphynx cat sleeps is just as important as its feeding and hygiene, since it is the place where it most coexists.

To carry out the cleaning, the cat must be taken to another place, especially if it is winter when you go to clean it.

Being warm weather, when you open the window to let in air and purify the environment where you are cleaning, this cold air will enter and your cat may be at risk of catching cold.

After everything is clean, you can move the cat to its usual space.

The products you use for cleaning should be suitable for cats of this breed, but also observe if these generate any allergy in your pet.

Taking these details into consideration you will make the life of your cat much more pleasant, maintaining a temperature that is satisfactory, protecting it from the cold, providing a good balanced feed and ensuring that it is clean.

Commonly it is usually forgotten that each pet deserves special care, some in a slightly stricter way to be of a certain race or size, so it can be said that the sphynx cat is one of them.

It requires care; maybe a little more than what you would be used to with other cats, but all the care you provide will be paid back with unconditional love.