Reasons to love a sphynx cat

Throughout the history the sphynx cats have been renegades by many people, claiming that they are not really cats and ignoring its special qualities, which give several reasons to love a sphynx cat.

Sphynx cats are loving, cuddly, loyal and love being with their owners, some even say they have dog attitudes because they learn to load their toys or open the doors.

The sphynx cat is not a common cat, and it is not only affirmed by its physique, but by the behavior that they have and the way in which they perform day to day in the home.

If you are one of the people who love canines and cats alike, then the sphynx cat is ideal for you.

Generally cats are associated with an independent behavior, which is self-grooming and prefers to be on its own, comfortable and approaching when they want to eat, from time to time they roll up your ankles to call attention.

In the case of sphynx cats, this attitude changes drastically, since they are more dependent.

If you’re going to get a sphynx cat, forget what you think you know about what it’s like to have a pet cat.

Having a bald sphynx cat is an innovative experience, so every day you will be happy to have it.

They are energetic

Although they are not the most energetic cats of all existing breeds, they are above average level. So do not be surprised that they start practicing jumps at home or follow you everywhere.

You will have a fun moment when you see them jump; they even do it to get attention and to make them care.

They usually jump and decide to stay on a high surface of the house, either to sleep or observe everything from there.

They will make you laugh a lot

If you have visitors, they are the first to go and say hello! They will also be the main attraction for the guests, since they are loving and curious.

They make funny movements to get a smile, laughter is not lacking when you have a sphynx cat at home.

Sometimes pets as they grow tend to be calmer, but this does not apply too much for cats.

In the case of the bald Sphynx cats, these are jumping especially when they are young but even in maturity they maintain a playful attitude.

You will have the Dragon Ball cat!

Dragon Ball shows us a sphynx cat as one of the strongest characters, also, for those who have knowledge of this anime, you can rejoice.

Without congenital diseases

Apart from the care that must be taken with regard to temperature, only the corresponding vaccines and worming will have to be applied to keep it in good health.

There are breeds in which cats unfortunately suffer from congenital diseases and make the cat’s well-being difficult, putting the cat’s longevity at risk.

A disease is not going to make you want your pet more or less, but the absence of diseases will make coexistence with your cat more peaceful.

The eyes

They have large eyes in the shape of a lemon, they are what stand out most of its face and many times the tonality of the eyes is proportional to the color of its skin. That is, they have a hue similar to the color of its skin.

As the coat of these cats is so short and sparse, the color you see is the color of its skin.

There are several colors -with the appearance of being diluted colors- and patterns.

It will keep you company while you sleep

Even if you have accommodated a space or shelter for your sphynx cat, sometimes you will go where you sleep to share the warmth.

They love warm places, so they will always be in search of something that gives them warmth. And what better than its caregiver!

Studies confirm that sleeping with your cat can give you that feeling of security and relaxation, so you’ will also have a better sleep.

You can dress it in many ways

Continuing with the theme of temperature, in cold climates they can wear clothes that serve to give them warmth and you can put the design you want.

Even in warm temperatures you can put something light but cover it from sun exposure (in case you should remove it).

They do not leave hair in every corner of the house

This is something common among cats -even dogs- leaving the places where they rest full of hair. It is normal, but with the sphynx cats it does not happen or if it does, not in large quantity.

Here is one of the advantages that this breed has almost no hair.

On the contrary, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the cat clean, because by the sweating they generate, they cause a kind of sebum on the skin that can adhere to the owner’s clothes or household surfaces.

Free of fleas or ticks

Since they are indoor cats, the appearance of fleas or ticks diminishes almost entirely.

This will also depend on if you have another animal at home with which the cat lives.

Friendly with other pets

They are among the few cats that accept the company of other pets, even dogs with which they can sleep.

However, the moment you are going to present yourself to another pet, you should be alert in case one of them is reticent or violent.

With time they will adapt and they will be good friends.

There is no territoriality

So you will not have to worry if you have small children at home, its territoriality and aggressiveness do not exist, even in the heat they are not violent like the other breeds.

Decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases

According to scientific studies, the purring or the simple routine of being with your cat will reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Similarly, studies express that they reduce stress and blood pressure.

Sphynx cats are capable of making your life more full of tenderness, pampering and playfulness.

They not only contribute to improve your mood, but contribute to maintain good health, are loyal and reduce the feeling of loneliness in the house.

Reasons to love a sphynx cat