Proper feeding for sphynx cats

Feeding is part of the necessary care to give your pet the life and longevity it needs, especially when there are certain types of food that are appropriate for the pet.

Talking about sphynx cats and due to its high body temperature -as well as the way they sweat- they need a diet that will generate a greater amount of calories and thus solve the ones they spend for their sweating.

The negative effect that excess ingestion of artificial ingredients, preservatives, foods with dyes and more is known to have on all living beings. So we have chosen to feed our Egyptian cats with holistic food.

The holistic diet treats in general form of a type of food that covers all the nutritional needs but without including artificial ingredients, reason why this food is elaborated exclusively by natural raw materials, or is of vegetal or animal origin.

In this type of food the presence of cereals is almost non-existent -in some brands it is not even included-, which is why the natural ingredients that provide high protein value prevail above all.

This type of holistic food you can get in different brands and different composition, where you should take into account what the vet thinks.

There are times when a brand or type of food is appropriate for certain Sphynx cats, while there is another one that is indicated for Egyptian cats that have been spayed or neutered.

Naturea, Lands cat & Kitten

Naturea’s foods contain high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats that meet the needs of your sphynx cat. It also guarantees the vitality and health of your kitten, no matter how old they are.

This is one of the foods that does not contain cereal, on the contrary, their ingredients are rabbit meat, dehydrated salmon, tomato, alfalfa, chicken, vitamins, minerals, seaweed, tapioca, sunflower oil and other ingredients equally beneficial for your health.

Nutritionally this holistic food provides fiber, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, proteins, as well as omega 6 and vitamin C.

Acana Wild Prairie Feast

Like the previous one, it does not contain cereals, so it reduces the amount of carbohydrates -nothing desired-, so instead it includes fruits and botanical plants that provides antioxidants.

Acana also includes a rich variety of chicken meat and fresh fish to serve as a nutrient to your kitten.

Among other ingredients included, you can find spinach, tomatoes, squash, peas, carrots, apples, berries, licorice root, chamomile flowers, rosemary, and several other ingredients.

It has a remarkable variety of botanical plants and fruits, so it has a high nutritional percentage of protein.


It provides calories and proteins that reflect a natural feline diet, so it totally reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Perhaps some people make the mistake of thinking that because they are animals they can’t get these dangerous diseases, but the truth is that they are also at risk of contracting them.

However, it is the task of the caretaker or owner -the sphynx cat’s family- to have to monitor its diet and lifestyle, so as the nature and the cats advance, the quality of food produced for our cats is also advanced.

These Orijen foods include fresh chicken meat, fresh chicken liver, fresh fish, dehydrated chicken, lentil fiber, peas, squash, carrots, and more.


This is one of the brands that has manufactured special foods for sterilized cats, and is that after being subjected to this procedure, there are certain ingredients that can be of greater help to stay healthy.

It also helps overweight cats -something that is not acceptable in the sphynx race-, so it helps reduce weight but without losing its nutritional benefits or good taste.

This food is free of colorants and preservatives and only quality ingredients are used without genetic manipulations. Also, it does not have soy or corn, which reduces the risk of allergies.


It has ideal foods for adult cats, covering all the nutritional needs of a cat with normal activity.

It happens then that some of these foods can be expensive, so some brands maintain the same nutritional value at a lower price to make this type of food more accessible.

Among the natural ingredients included is the flower of chamomile, anise green, peas, apple, barley and fennel.


This is another option that you have to consider when choosing to buy holistic foods for your cat.

There are specialized foods for old cats aged between 1 to 7 years and made from fish, so they are ideal for cats with a sensitive stomach.

Recommendations for proper feeding of sphinx cats

Its thermoregulatory system is different from other cats, so its metabolism is faster. So it is necessary to feed it with a greater proportion of fats and proteins.

The food ration of each cat varies according to its lifestyle, considering their level of physical activity, the environment where they live, their age and if they have any disease present.

Give the cat a quiet place where he can eat, since it will not be nice for your cat to have to eat where there are so many noises that can scare him. So avoid places near washing machines and appliances like that.

Also, you can combine solid food and wet or semi-moist food in your cat’s diet. You can give them yogurt or other “prizes” when they are playing.

To keep the sphynx cats with the best care, you have to offer a high quality feed.

Consider that foods should have natural and fresh ingredients, so that cats can assimilate every nutrient that is so necessary in their life.

There are many brands in the market that offer this type of food, and only a few have been mentioned here, so the variety is so wide that you can choose the type of food your cat needs.