Hygiene of sphynxHygiene

There are several attentions that the sphynx cat requires, and the first one is its hygiene because is more rigorous than grooming other breeds of cats.

Every caretaker or owner must be in charge of practically everything related to care and hygiene, preparing to have the right products at the time of bathing, the parsimonious way in which their ears and eyes should be cleaned.

The hygiene begins the moment you get one of these hairless cats, so you must pay attention on this for your cat to have a pleasant life, without painful and without uncomfortable conditions such as infections or diseases.

Clean the skin of the sphynx cat

Being a cat with a recessive mutation -without hair- its body is one of the areas that requires more attention and more care must be taken.

However, this does not mean that a bath should be given every week, since this would cause irritation in the skin of the kitten; on the contrary, one or two baths per month is recommended.

Because of the food they need to eat and because of its high temperature -up to 4 degrees higher than common cats- its body produces a sebum that helps you hydrate its skin in the same way.

This sebum can cause dirt to adhere with a greater proportion to the body of the Egyptian cat, although this will obviously depend on the environment where you have your cat.

Knowing that they are indoor cats, you should ensure that the area where you are is clean, so this will reduce the accumulation of dust in the body of your cat.

It is necessary that at the time of the bath certified products are used for the sphynx cat breed since they have a greater exposure to skin aggressions and require greater dermis care.

The products that are not suitable for this breed usually can cause irritation in the body of the cat, so -as a last option if you can’t find products for this breed- you can buy products for cats with sensitive skin.

But still, rub in an area and see how its skin reacts to the product, not all the sphynx cats tolerate the same brands, so it is more appropriate to go to a veterinarian.

You will have realized that whoever must perform the bath is the owner or the caretaker, since these sphynx cats do not groom themselves, but in this aspect they also show dependence.

The bath can be carried out with clean, fresh water, which is not cold, and you can spread the shampoo with the help of a soft sponge.

It should be in a place that you have already used it, a quiet area, and thinking that you may not feel comfortable in the first bathrooms with you, try to feel comfortable in the place.

Since they are usually in risk to get colds, the bathroom area should be acclimated with the water temperature and you should dry it well with a cloth, but never use a hairdryer.

If you see that the dirt is only in the folds of its skin, you can choose to clean it using wet cat wipes and press little by little to remove dust or microorganisms that may be housed in the place.

Its skin is very sensitive to temperature changes, so you have to pay special attention to it. If you let its skin become very greasy or dirty, its mood will decline.

Hygiene of the eyes

Ocular hygiene is as important as that of its skin, and because sphynx cats lack eyelashes, their eyes are more prone to infection, so the care of both is more rigorous than in other breeds.

The eyes produce a tear fluid to hydrate their eyes and prevent the immersion of pathogens in the eyes; therefore, it requires frequent cleaning.

For cleaning, you must soak sterile gauze with saline (this is sold in pharmacies, supermarkets or specialty stores) and with extreme care you will clean the contour of both eyes.

Physiological serums are products that have been sterilized and have no side effects, so by using different gauze for each eye, see the detrimental residues that have accumulated there.

Grooming the ears of the sphynx cat

Their ears are always upright, so -in normal situations- is an advantage because they receive air in its ear canal.

However, sphynx cats do not have hair on their ears either, so they do not have protection there. So you should also take special care with hygiene in their ears.

These cute ears tend to accumulate mites, grease and wax, so if they are not cleaned as often as they can get infections.

To clean their ears you also use sterile gauze, wrap one of your fingers with it -after having washed your hand properly- and move it carefully inside the auditory pavilion.

There are also products in specialized stores or in the veterinarian that have been manufactured to disinfect the ears.

These products are usually cleaning solutions that with two drops in the ears can give off wax and dirt.

Hygiene of their nails

Generally Sphynx cats accumulate a lot of dirt on their nails, so it is necessary to cut their nails weekly.

When doing it of frequent way, it will be attentive of the dirt and the length of the same, although it is preferable if you count on a scraper so that the frequency in which you must cut them is reduced.

To cut their nails, you must be very careful to do it at the end of the nail, paying special attention not to cut too much and hurt a vein and can cause a hemorrhage.

For cleaning, wet towels for babies or cats can be used, even a damp cloth. Because we have the cats with us their first months of life, little by little we habituate the sphynx cat so that it does not feel uncomfortable in the process.