We are a bald cat breeder located in the city of Moscow Russia we work with delivery worldwide.

We ship throughout Moscow by direct plane, so the trip will be short and comfortable for cats.

In Latin America, our central office and cattery is located in Bolivia, in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. From Bolivia, we deliver kittens throughout Latin America. Please, if you want delivery to Latin America, switch our website to Spanish and choose your kitten.

We ship throughout Bolivia by direct plane, so the trip will be short and comfortable for cats.

Felines are often very sensitive to changes in environment, and although our cats are less susceptible to this, animals are always affected in a certain way by having to travel on a plane.

We know about the risks that pets suffer when traveling by plane due to altitude and other factors, which is why we take all the pertinent considerations so that the trip is not disturbing or has negative effects on your cat.

The sphynx cat will travel in the cabin or in the cargo hold or in the trunk as we know that it is very easy.

In airlines there is a limit on the number of pets that can travel in the cabin, and that means that we have to book in advance to make sure there is a free place.

The kitten can fly on an airplane at the age of 4 months and beyond.
We need 14-21 days to arrange delivery of the cat.

Therefore, we contacted the airline several weeks in advance, as some have different policies regarding pets.

Some prefer to abstain from accepting pets in the cabin, some accept very few there, and there are others that are a little more permissive in terms of pet travel.

As we have made so many deliveries, we already know what the airlines are that can give us a better service.

Before the date of transport of the cat, we habituated it to enter and leave the cage, because it is what they ask at the airport as a security inspection. In addition, we prepare the cage to make the trip more comfortable.

When dealing with sphynx cats, we include absorbent towels at the bottom of the cage so that when the cats have their needs, the towel absorbs the urine. We also give them towels so that their body is well sheltered, we always take care that their temperature is not affected, no matter if the trip is short.

All these trips are direct flights to avoid discomforts in the Canadian Sphynx cat.

In order for your cat to be able to travel by plane, the airline authorities will request certain type of documentation, which will be provided by a veterinarian.

For this, we booked an appointment with the veterinarian a few days before the flight to issue a health certificate for travel.

This certificate will show that the cat is healthy and does not have parasites. Also, a record where you can see which vaccines you have received.

When we talk about travel -whether national or international- vaccines are required to deal with contagious diseases, viral diseases and, above all, rabies.

Regarding the vaccines, we do not have problems either, since we always keep the immunization schedule up to date.

These documents of departure and delivery must be paid in advance, at the moment of completing the payment of the cat.

Additional care with the sphynx cat

– The day of the trip we do not usually feed the cats, this as advice from the veterinarian in order to reduce the risk of the cat feeling nauseous and vomiting if the stomach is full.

However, when it comes to long trips we always have a little food on hand in case the cat are too hungry and a bottle of water for the cat to drink in case the cat need it.

Sometimes we also use cloths or sprays with pheromones so that the cats feel more comfortable and calm.

– Asking the opinion of the veterinarian, we can give the cat a medicine to travel sedated, this will not suffer the whole process that the trip produces. The medicines are not always the same and sometimes we do not use them, everything depends on what the veterinarian says.

– When the baggage control is carried out and the container or cage is passed through the X-ray device, we must remove the cat from the cage, but when loading it we must do it in a delicate way so that the pet does not suffer from greater anxiety. This, of course, is in case of not being sedated.

– We put a label in the cage to make it easier to identify it. The label will contain the name of the owner, the address of the new home, your telephone number and the final destination of the trip.

In the same way, a microchip is implanted between the cat’s shoulder blades to prevent loss.

This microchip is painless and is about the size of a grain of rice.

Logically this chip is implanted by a veterinarian with experience in this procedure.

Cage or container

There are many models of containers or cages, and some are better than others depending on the breed of the cat and which airline will be used.

For instance, when we started with air shipments we found airlines that limited the weight of the “package” to 7 or 8 kilos including the container.

That’s why we began to consider both the comforts that the carrier brings and that the weight does not exceed the stipulated by the airline. It happens that by exceeding the weight, they indicate that the cat cannot be carried in the cabin, which for us is unacceptable.

So we also think about the measurements between the chair and the floor, since we always take the cats under the front seat to us. This is also considered necessary to be able to travel in the cabin, because if the container does not fit, they tell us that we cannot have it in the cabin.

There are always many things to consider when it comes to traveling with a pet, especially if they are as demanding as Sphynx cats.

We always do our best so that your cat arrives safely to its new home.