Cost of our Sphynx cats

Surely you have had the opportunity to buy a pet, and even if you have not made the purchase, you must have an idea of how expensive some breeds can be.

If you have read the information on our website -including comments on Internet- about the special and quoted Canadian Sphynx cat, you will know that this breed is, in fact, one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

The Canadian Sphynx cats are part of the hairless cats considered exotic and unique for its physique, even for its character and the care they need.

This fact makes its price quite high, in addition, in the case of our sphynx kittens, its high price comes from the excellent pedigree they have, having a bloodline for generations.

The price rises even more when they are sphynx cats that come from bald cat breeders like ours, where we take care of reproducing the species following the best guidelines so that the litter is healthy, unique and with refined characteristics.

We work under the rules of the World Cat Federation, so by having a quality procreation line, this standard is achieved.

These luxury kittens are often seen in feline exhibitions of different associations that endorse this breed, so they acquire more status within the feline world.

We have sphynx cat breeds with a great pedigree from the World Cat Federation, being PET or BREEDER, so you can choose which of them you want.

Reasons for the high price on our hairless cats

  • Morphology

It meets all WCF standards; we have particularly beautiful specimens, with a bloodline of parents and grandparents with titles of champions in feline competitions.

  • Blood line

Our kittens have a genealogy of at least 4 or 5 generations, so you can be sure that our cats are purebred, with the best quality and health.

You can have this record when you buy your Canadian Sphynx cat.

  • Socialized cats

We take care that each one of our kittens has a good character, that lives with the family in a calm way and that is prepared so that certain noises do not frighten them.

  • Healthy cats

Our litters of cats do not have congenital diseases, since we try to maintain a high quality and strong blood line against diseases, viruses and other types of affections.

In our sphynx cattery, we permanently control the health and hygiene of our sphynx.

  • Vaccines per day

Our Egyptian cats are well bred and have all the vaccines and deworming up the date, as well as full health exams on a frequent basis.

Our prices also vary depending on which cat you want to buy, distinguished by their ancestors as winners of a national prize, winner of a regional prize or having distinguished merits in the exhibitions.

We have kittens available for 12 and 16 weeks of age to ensure inoculation, social stability and physical development for its new family environment.

The cost also varies depending on the age of the cat, as well as if it has won prizes in competitions, if it is sterilized, if it has colored eyes or a special mutation.

We give the purchaser the opportunity to have records of the kitten’s health check-ups, as well as the father’s and mother’s checks.

We provide kittens with a good diet high in protein and nutrients for optimal health.

Sphynx cats really are a unique treasure and should be kept indoors, neutered or spayed if you want them as a pet and providing loving and interactive places to enjoy a long and happy life.

How to make the payment for the sphynx cat breed

After having considered what is necessary before buying one of our cats, choose the one you like the most and for what purpose you want it (domestic, breed, breed/show) and make the reservation.

Then you will have to pay a deposit according to the information provided on the website. This deposit will be completed one week before the kitten is sent to the place that has been stipulated.

You can choose


Documentation of the pedigree

Throughout the years we have selected breeders with excellent genetic qualities that improve the breed and maintain quality control in offspring.

Each of our sphynx cats has its registration in documents called pedigree. These documents are genealogical, since they prove the purity of the cat in several generations.
They are also in the register of the Book of Origins, where litters that meet the standards are registered in an orderly manner.

The pedigree enjoys credibility among society, those who are interested in acquiring a copy of this breed.

In the pedigree of the World Cat Federation that we have, not only shows the data of the ancestors, but also reflects the awards that have been obtained in competitions. There you will see a detailed record of their ancestors, how many generations they have in its bloodline and the type of pedigree they have.

Because we are part of a feline association, we acquire the status of partners so that all the offspring of cats that have been registered in the books of origin will reflect the name designated to the cat and our corresponding affix as breeders.

At the moment you acquire your Canadian sphynx cat with pedigree we will carry out a pedigree procedure to register the change of ownership and there is evidence in the feline association of who is its new owner.

This breeder affix also plays an important role in the pedigree, because you can identify the owner breeders and know which of the bald cat breeders your sphynx cat descends.

In this way the bloodline is drawn, so as breeders we register, manage and ensure this type of transactions so that everything is in order, we also ensure the health and welfare of our cats.