The curious character of the Sphynx Character

The Sphinx cat -also known as Sphynx Cat Breed or Egyptian Cat- is not only peculiar in its appearance, its character is frankly outstanding, especially taking into account the character of cats in general.

Anyone would think that being a cat, the sphynx is just as elusive and independent as the others, but this is not correct.

Egyptian cats tend to be loving, affectionate and playful, with a very extroverted but dependent attitude.

They are those pets that love having your attention and doing things so that you smile.

Some may be afraid of their appearance and serious expression, but they are acrobatic clowns who only want the attention of humans, they are one of the more tender pets.

They usually greet people who arrive at the front door of their home with enthusiasm and happiness.

If you are thinking about adopting a Sphynx Cat Breed, read this information that you need to know.

Sphynx cat character in its daily routine

Generally they are submissive, being calm and happy to be on your knees and receiving your touch, but there is a part of the day when they get very energetic and want more attention than usual.

They start jumping very high and climb high surfaces of the house, jump from one side to another trying to grab things and always want to help you do your household chores, will try to get involved in whatever you are doing.

In case you have guests, they are the main attraction and the main hosts, since they are the first to attend the call of the door and receive your guests with affection.

They are kind even with strangers and other pets that you have at home and when sleeping they prefer to do it in the company of its owner.

But, although they are affectionate with other pets, they generally prefer to have as much attention as possible for them, they are pampered from birth.

The Egyptian cat is an excellent pet, charming and full of mischief to induce many laughs a day.

They are very dependent and they love receiving attention and pampering from the owners, they will always want to be with you.

The need to be in a warm place will make you look for and want to be on you, both for you to caress and when to sleep.

They are the type of breed that is usually where their owner is and roll up on their feet to get attention, will follow you around the house like a puppy.

If you are not one of those who like a pet that requires so much attention, think twice before getting a Sphynx Cat Breed.

Change of character by zeal

As with all felines, their character changes when they are in heat period, but in the case of the sphynx cat, this happens in lighter way.

Because they are indoor animals and do not have greater access to the outside, as well as warm temperatures and many hours of light, this supports the appearance of heat in your sphynx kitten.

This phase can be uncomfortable for family members, because they are aggressive and vocalize in a tone that is not what they normally use.

However, there are many sphynx cats in which the heat is softer and goes unnoticed, since they are not so annoying in terms of coexistence.

The best way to keep them in good spirits is to let them live in the warmest areas of the house. A veterinarian will possibly tell you that you can neuter or sterilize them to avoid unwanted behavior and improve the quality of life of your pet.

For this reason, the cats that are bought in our bald cat breeder as companion cats are neutered or sterilized, as the case may be.

Character of an adult Sphynx cat

The default character of sphynx cats is to be very sweet, friendly, peaceful, intelligent and curious. In the same way they are hyperactive at certain times, and this hyperactivity is maintained in each of the phases of their life, they are great jumping when they are young.

All those pampering that you give to the day become energy, as well as a way of drawing your attention to feel even more loved.

Having a sphynx cat is like having a loving baby; it is not at all like having a cat of other races.

Even some learn to load their toys and take them where you are to play with them; they also answer the call by name.

Sphynx cat activity level

They are agile, active cats and always alert, so they can entertain you for several hours. Some like the game of searching or chasing, so their antics are great entertainment.

Features of his routine behavior

The Sphynx Cat Breeds like to sleep with their owners under the sheets, always in its search for warmth. They have a habitual position in which it holds one of their front legs and hides it in the lower part of its belly.

They enjoy lying on warm surfaces, so it is very rare that you see him lying on the ground or on the floor. The places to rest are usually sunny windows, on the television, under a sheet or on the monitor of a computer, all being warm surfaces or that generate heat.

In addition, they are very curious, so it is not advisable to be careless for a long time when the cat is near doors or windows, as Sphynx cat can escape -without any intention- or its curiosity can lead them to dangerous situations.

Likewise, they must be provided with a scratching surface, places to climb and lie down on.

The truth is that they are adorable, affectionate, sweet, fun and energetic cats. But just as they require attention to take care of its health and hygiene, they also require attention -or rather demand it- from their caregivers.

Their dependent behavior or certain attitudes that make them look capricious can annoy some people, especially if they are accustomed to caring for independent pets, such as cats of other breeds.

This is why sometimes the sphynx cat is nicknamed “the cat that is almost a dog”, since it has some similarities.

Now, if you are sure you want a pet like the one mentioned above, you will enjoy a long time in the company of your sphynx cat.