Buy Sphynx kittens

Currently, get a sphynx cat by purchase or adoption is not that complicated. Previously it was a more difficult chore because the breed was not yet accepted in several feline associations and did not have as much recognition among society.

The hairless cat -also known as sphynx cat, Canadian sphynx cat, bald sphynx cat- began to be accepted by feline associations approximately from the year 2000, when they began to see these breeds participating in feline exhibitions.

You can even see the participation of these specimens in various films, some of these being animated films.

The cost of sphynx cats varies depending on the purpose to which it is going to be allocated. If it is as a companion pet, which are sterilized or castrated -as the case may be; like breed, which refers to buying cats for breeding, and those that are breed and show in turn, which are meant to be for breeding and show up at exhibitions.

The price of buying a Canadian Sphynx cat is considerably higher if you want it for exhibitions, since it must have certain aspects different from those for domestic use.

In case you want to buy a sphynx cat for breeding or reproduction, we first make sure that the future breeder is suitable for the task. When purchased for breed, the cat can reproduce, so it will be able to go into heat.

These hairless cats -although their heat is “softer” compared to other breeds- have mood swings at this time, and despite being socialized, it is not possible to remove certain characteristic behaviors of the heat.

We will talk about these behaviors before buying, so you are prepared and you can reduce the discomfort of the cat while it is going through the heat.

On the other hand, the catteries of hairless cats have some advantage over the option of adopting, since in addition to not getting many specimens of this breed since it is so valued, they do not turn out to be reliable sites.

There is no complete assurance that the specimen is really a sphynx, unless you are lucky enough to get someone who is leaving the sphynx cat for adoption for personal reasons.

There are even sites classified on Internet but they also do not offer the animal’s guarantee and there is a risk of a scam.

By purchasing domestic cats, for breed or show, in our bald cat breeder we offer a guarantee of the veracity of the breed, as well as the different tips and recommendations that a future breeder commonly needs.

In addition, we take control of the cats parents and supply the relevant documentation.

We -as bald cat breeder- are interested in having cats with excellent morphology, healthy, happy and with a perfect socialization.

They have a pedigree of the best sphynx blood lines, with good structure and the wrinkles on its skin that characterize them.

Before buying a Canadian Sphynx cat

Before considering buying an Egyptian cat, remember that this cat requires more attention than the other cats, so if you are not going to devote time to its care it will be better to think twice before buying.

When making the purchase of one of our cats you can check the health of the parents, the origins of the parents and the veracity of the sphynx pedigree.

Also, we deliver the certificate of the veterinarian who shows good health and who proves their vaccines and deworming.

The physicist of the kittens that we have in our bald cat breeder is in good health, without presenting problems related to conjunctivitis or ulcers in the eyes, nor secretions in the skin.

In the same way you are free to check the sphynx cat that you have bought with a veterinarian of your trust to certify what we demonstrate in the documentation.

Sphynx cats are very sociable and coexist without difficulty in the family environment, they also adapt to different types of pets, its character and personality make it an ideal cat for a family that has small children or for seniors.

Canadian sphynx cats as pets

The feeding of sphynx cats as companion pets changes because they are castrated or sterilized.

We offer you recommendations on which food to eat after going through this process, since then they tend to be obese, something that is absolutely frowned upon in sphynx cats.

The increase in weight occurs due to the increase in body fat, even tends to decrease muscle mass, also, sometimes you can see an increase in transient insulin resistance in females and a lower sensitivity to insulin in males.

This is why it is necessary to provide food for sterilized cats that control the proportion of proteins and fats that help control weight gain.

We prefer to use holistic food, since it is made with natural products -some of vegetable base as botanical plants- that are kept free of chemical products.

You can read more information about it on our website.

Egyptian cat Breed

When cats that can reproduce are bought, the price is also generally higher than those of a cat as a domestic pet.

This is motivated by the fact that -although the number of sphynx cats has increased today- there are not many specimens capable of procreating.

As in neutered cats, breed cats need a high quality diet, and after being pregnant, a meal that has been prepared for that purpose. Otherwise, there may be a nutritional deficit that will cause negative effects in pregnancy.

Taking care of the breeding of the Canadian sphynx cats is not an easy task, but with our advice we will try to direct you in the right direction so that the new litter will be healthy.

Besides, our cats are healthy, but after buying one of our sphynx cats, you have to have it under the control of a veterinarian.

The relevant exams, vaccines and deworming for cats that are going to gestation should be clarified in advance.

Does your sphynx cat have strange behaviors? It is normal!