Adaptation of the Sphynx cat in the new house and familyAdaptation

Each animal needs time to adapt when they are adopted, because they were accustomed to another environment and with other people.

In the case of the Sphynx cat, although they are sociable and kind to strangers, it is a different situation when they are taken to another environment to live with people to whom they are not adapted.

So it is necessary to cover their needs and some improvements in the home so that its adaptation in the new house and family is calmer and more satisfactory.

Sphynx cats can live more than 17 years, and in that time there are possibly changes, changes in work, new members in the family, so we must be aware that all these changes affect it and can confused it.

Before buying a hairless cat you have to create a safe place so there are no risks of injury or extreme damage, so you will have to choose to buy certain equipment that is necessary to have a cat.

Cats’ scraper

By nature cats tend to sharpen their nails on vertical and high surfaces, like trees in the case of cats that are outdoors.

So, for cats that live mostly indoors, they need another surface that serves as a substitute and has results. Therefore, sometimes cats tend to tear the sofa to not have a place to sharpen their nails.

The scrapers that have to be bought must be vertical and rigid, in addition, will be better if the scraper is high.

There are scrapers that have several surfaces so the cat can move in all these elevations, just as there are others that have toys that will also serve to distract.

The scrapers -because you can buy several scrapers and of different sizes- you must place them in the areas of the house where you spend more time of the day, because if you put them in a room that is almost not used, the cat will not come close.

You have to place them in areas such as the living room, the room where you have the computer, the kitchen and, if required, in the rooms used by the family.

These scrapers can serve as a resting area, because if you buy one with several platforms, your cat will stay to rest there. They adore sleeping on high surfaces, and if the scraper stays warm, they will love it.

Suitable area to do their needs

When you buy one of our hairless cats, it will be trained to use the sand tray, so you will not have much trouble with this.

Normally, there would be no problem at all, but when talking about a new home and family, the cat is likely to get confused and not know where to relieve itself.

For this, create a “safe place”, preferably a room where you include everything you need, from scrapers and food trays to the sand tray.

Little by little it will adapt and you will know where it should go, besides that it will make your adaptation in the new house easier.

This place of security will be its hiding place when something bothers it or feels fearful, so it should always be enabled and accessible.

Sand trays or sandbox

While it is important to recognize a site where the cats can do their needs, it is important where you place it. This site should be little or not at all, far from noise.

There are several models of sand trays and the best thing is that they are wide and with low edges, since cats prefer to be accessible and without having to climb or pass “obstacles” to get there. However, this type of tray usually requires more cleaning in the surroundings because the cat usually throws sand out.

With respect to the change of the sand trays, it is necessary to remove the feces daily and change the complete contents of the tray once a week.

As for sand, there are different types on the market. You should always use the one you like the cat, but when you buy one of ours, we will inform you about the respective details that you should consider.

Before we mentioned that in the safe place should be everything that the cat sphynx requires -obviously being a warm room-, in that case food and water should be well away from the sand tray.

After our hairless cat has adapted to the areas of the home, it follows this rule of leaving trays of food and water away from sandboxes.

In the case of water, you have to distribute them throughout the house, if you have plants, place them there. As for the food trays is different, since hairless cats have an accelerated metabolism, so the food should be provided by dividing the portions throughout the day.

As they tend to be behind you at home, it will be enough to serve the food on the site, it also has to be in a quiet area.

Adapt areas of the house

The cats are curious by nature, and the sphynx cats usually jump everywhere and climb to warm surfaces or where the sun feels warm, so you have to pay special attention with the windows.

Also, adapt the plugs and decrease the presence of cables within the home.

They are playful, so they will always be in search of new things they can use to play.

In the case of cables, locate them in such a way that they can not access them, as well as sharp objects that could trip over and injure themselves.

Try that your home is not excessively noisy, especially in the process of adaptation, where it will be more susceptible to everything.

In conclusion, keep a place where your sphynx cat can rest, play and socialize, preferably where the family coexists; another space for its toilet, which is easily accessible for the sphynx cat as well as secluded and quiet.

Finally, the feeding. Take care that they are far from the sand tray and that when eating is a silence and quiet place.