Our history

SphynxForSale is a group of WCF registered catteries with offices in:

  • Russia for USA, Europe, Great Britain, Asia and other countries.
  • Bolivia for USA, South America countries and Spain.

We really love the cats, specially Canadian sphynx cats, and seeing how adorable and friendly they are, we have decided to start a project as Canadian cat breeders which is also known as bald cat breeders.
This breed is possibly the most tender and intelligent among domestic cats, so we are working to take care of them and provide the opportunity to more people internationally that they can have these precious life partners.

What we do

Cat breeders

We are a bald cat breeders Premium-Elite Class, destined to take care of the growth of these beautiful specimens of the Canadian sphynx breed. In addition to paying special attention to their care, we look for buyers to understand the positive change they will have in their lives if they decide to buy one.

It is our love

Much more than a business, what we do is to live with all the sphynx cats that we have in our care, we try to give them the best life they can have by helping the purchasers to inform themselves about the respective care of the sphynx cat and so they know how to do charge of these funny felines.

Together with World Cat Federation

We periodically examine the health of Egyptian cats, follow the rules of the World Cat Federation, keep vaccines and deworming up to date and give a lot of love to each of the cats we raise. We also help the buyers so that they can continue to provide a pleasant life for the Canadian sphynx.

Why Choose Us?

Our bald cat breeds are trained to use the sand tray, so you will not have to worry about being the one to show them where to go to the “bathroom”.

In addition, our sphynx kittens can be adopted from the age of three months, when they have stopped being breastfed and have obtained the appropriate vaccines at their age.

They are also socialized sphynx kittens, so -in addition to their natural behavior as a loving and friendly animal- will be able to live in harmony with the members of the house and -with time- with pets that are already in the home.

To become accustomed to other animals, they should be presented with care, because even if they are socialized, it is always a great step to know and get used to another animal. When they are already adapted to each other, they are likely to even sleep together.

We train them in their hygienic and social habits, accustomed to eating in the portions that are established according to the age and weight of the cat.

We help them to control its bite so that there are no cases of bad behavior, also, to relate and live with the elements of its environment.

We help our sphynx kittens not to be afraid of noises or sounds that surround them; this is motivated to facilitate their adaptation in the new home and family.

Like any animal that comes to a new environment, it will feel self-conscious in a certain way, but our cats are less prone to having a bad time at the time of its move.

We take care of the cat even in the way it is moved, since if it is needed to reach a distant place, we try to make the transition as pleasant as possible.

Something that is extremely important and that we consider essential to the good health of our hairless cats, is that each one must be under the constant supervision of a veterinarian.

We are trained to take care of our sphynx kittens, but we should never disregard the help of a veterinarian, who works permanently with our bald cat breeder.

Veterinarian is the one who helps in the application of the vaccines that are so necessary in the development of the cat, as well as the review exams that should be done periodically.

Sphynx cats are subjected to complete medical exams, ensuring that we deliver cats that are absolutely healthy and that can live with the family without any problem.

Buy a sphynx cat is to have a friend who will make you smile and an immense affection; they are playful and excellent companions.

Our hairless cats have clean eyes, bright and without signs of watering, have no secretions or scabs, their gums are moist, pink and without inflammation, their teeth are white and have no periodontal problems.

They have clean ears as well as its skin, without parasites or stomach upsets.

The vaccination schedule recommended by the veterinarian is up to date, so you only have to reinforce some doses when the veterinarian indicates.

You will have an energetic kitten that will be jumping everywhere to get attention and be pampered, showing that he is healthy and strong.

We have a bald cat breeder Premium, so we guarantee that hairless cats, Canadian sphynx cats or sphynx cats -as you want to call them- are purebred.

We know that it is a doubt that persists within the buyers, since there have been cases where cats are obtained from people who claim that the cats are purebred, when in fact, they are not.

We work with the standard of the World Cat Federation -you can read the complete information on our website-, so you can be sure that the required characteristics are achieved.

Their eyes, ears, tail, leg and body in general have what is established in the rules of the WCF, with documentation that certifies the veracity of the breed.

At the time of adoption, the purchaser can request ultrasound and sonography of the cat, as well as genetic tests and the pedigree of the World Cat Federation.

If it is your decision, you can acquire information from the cat’s parents as well.

We help the new family to obtain all the resources they need for a healthy coexistence with the sphynx kitten, because our care with the sphynx kittens does not end when a new family adopt them.

We give recommendations on how to care for the kitten; you can even read more of the information on our website.

We are always happy to help the new family to understand what needs and what negatively affects the hairless cat, and that is because its body requires more special care than other breeds.

A well-fed pet ensures good health, so we tell you which food brand we recommend and has been used in our bald cat breeder.

We know that there are many brands in the market and each with ingredients that stand out, but there is a certain type that we use and we are sure that great results are obtained.

You should also follow a regulation of how much food should be provided to the cat per day, since having a fast metabolism, sphynx cat can eat the whole food portion in a service.

We guide new families in terms of special health and hygiene care, considering that they require special care in the ears, eyes and folds of its skin. These babies do not groom themselves, so we’ll show you how to keep them clean and comfortable.

Also, we explain what areas of the house are best for each type of activities with the Sphynx cat.

We indicate what we consider necessary after buying a hairless cat, and any questions you may have, you can ask us with confidence.

Standard of Sphynx

We are the BEST!

  1. In our bald cat breeders we keep the sphynx cats with the vaccines up to date, dewormed, as well as trained to use the sand tray. We always deliver the kittens in perfect health and according to the preferences of the buyer.
  2. We are guided by the rules of the World Cat Federation (WCF), so you can ask for the pedigree of it, either for personal use, for breeding or to take your cat to exhibitions governed by these rules. You can also be sure that our kittens comply with these guidelines.
  3. We understand that our clients may demand more than what they see, so you can request echographies of the kitten’s parents and photos of the kitten ultrasound, and you are free to request genetic tests and sonography. However, these tests must be paid in advance by the purchaser.
  4. There are several types of food for cats, so we provide information about what type of feeding is best suited for Sphynx cats, and as breeders who want the best experience from both parties, we send recommendations on what care should be taken and what diet should be taken into account. Also, you can read this information in other sections of our website.