Our kittens are part of an exotic and unique breed of cats, recognized by several feline associations as one of the world’s outstanding breeds.

Our bald cats have an uninterrupted bloodline of 4 or 5 generations and come from a litter of high quality and with strong defenses against diseases.

The extraordinary appearance they have makes them striking to the eyes of people, they are also trained to meet the call of their owners.

Our kittens are smart, playful and inquisitive, and they love to snuggle comfortably on their stomach or lie down on their owners.

They will always prefer a warm surface, so the sphynx cat is more likely to lie on your legs than to see them lying on the floor.

They love tall surfaces, so you should have several lifts and scrapers for them to sharpen their nails.

As they have always been in the presence of these products, they will be happy to follow part of their routine in the new home.

They will be very happy if you play with them even with a paper ball, but they enjoy getting new toys that satisfy their curiosity.

This breed is officially recognized by feline associations such as TICA, FIFe and World Cat Federation (WCF). These associations have established specific characteristics for the breed, which are fulfilled by our bald cat breeds.

They have a wide range of colors, large eyes, long ears up to 6 centimeters and with much wrinkled skin on the forehead, neck and other areas that the WCF establishes.

Our kittens are characterized by being quiet, but also tend to be active, especially when the day gets warmer, when they become natural leaps. They do not have aggressive character, or problems with the bites against their owners.

The sphynx cats are intelligent to the degree of being able to open doors and carry the toys they want to play with. Also, they are cooperative, as they will try to help you with household chores or see what you are doing to browse.

We have to adapt cats since they are kittens so they are relaxed during the process of bathing and cleaning the nails, so it will only suffice to get used to you so that they continue with the routine of hygiene without problem.

Although they do not have -or almost do not have- hair, they need baths to keep its skin clean and soft, since when sweating they segregate a kind of tallow that hydrates the skin but also makes it sticky. They are also trained to receive cleanliness in their ears without discomfort.

Because the metabolism of Canadian sphynx cats is accelerated, we supply them with food that is made especially for them, giving them the amount of food they can eat per day to respect its weight and not cause obesity.

We have accustomed our Sphynx cats to eat holistic foods, as these turn out to be much more beneficial for them. With these they get rid of the chemical ingredients like colorants and flavorings, having only food with natural bases such as sunflower oil, fresh chicken meat and more.

Even most of these meals are free of cereals and there are some special ones for gestating cats and spayed or neutered cats.

All our cats that will be bought for domestic use are neutered or sterilized, this following the advice of the veterinarians to make the life of the pussycat easier, as well as the peaceful coexistence with the family.

It is common knowledge that the heat in cats is strong, equally violent, in addition to changing the character of our little ones, which is why sphynx cats are offered that have gone through this surgical process.

However, other of our kittens can breed, so there will be no problem if you want Canadian sphynx kittens to form a new family.

We have copies for those who wish to participate in feline exhibitions, these ancestors having prizes in these exhibitions.

Now, although our sphynx cats are healthy and practically hairless, they are not hypoallergenic. Some people think that not being covered by a thick coat of hair will not cause allergies, but the truth is that these allergies are caused by the hormones secreted by the cat, as well as the dead cells that accumulate in the skin and saliva.

So before buying one of our sphynx kittens make sure you are not allergic so you can enjoy the warm and loving company they provide.

Similarly, it is popular belief that these cats, being thin, are weak and sickly, but the truth is that they are strong and resistant.

As we have already mentioned, we establish parents who have good health and resistance to diseases, as well as the ability to jump up to two meters vertically. This shows the resistance they have on their hind legs.

If you get one of the specimens of our bald cat breeder you will have the guarantee that your cat is in good health, has a WCF pedigree, daily vaccinations schedule and also deworming.

We always care about our sphynx kittens, even when they are about to leave us to go with a new family. That is why we are always working so that buyers have the necessary knowledge to continue with the upbringing of these kittens and that everyone can enjoy.

The sphynx cats that we have are used to dealing with other cats and several people, so you will not have problems in your home.

They are very friendly and funny, so they will be the main attraction of your guests.

All these details make the Sphynx cat very popular, as well as being famous in movies and animated films. This is why this breed is not economical, but the truth is that it is worth it due to the great experience you have when you have a sphynx cat as a pet.

Sphynx cats always want to be pampered, to pay attention and to keep them warm. This race is usually dependent, so their owners will have them at their side whenever they want affection.