Our Canadian sphynx cats

Maybe you have thought about having a cat, but cats are known for its independence and you prefer a loving pet. However, not all races are the same, especially the sphinx cat who is known to be one of the most loving breeds.

The bald sphynx cat is energetic, loving, vigorous, smart and playful, but above all, dependent. So, if you want an affectionate pet, these Egyptian cats are the ones.

Families who have children and other pets really adore this breed of cats, because they are very kind with everyone -family and animals-.

Sphynx cats are very special, and you can notice it just by looking at its appearance, and although they are called Egyptian cats, they were born in Canada.

The sphynx cats are also known as bald cats, and some people prefer to call them as hairless kitten, hairless sphynx cat or bald sphynx cat Egyptian. Sometimes they are related to the Siamese cat and Persian cat.

Sphynx Standard

Regulated by the WCF (World Cat Federation) standard, the body of our hairless cats must be fine but solid and muscular at the same time, in addition to having the front legs more separated than the hind legs (their front legs are set wide apart due to the broad rib cage).

The sphynx has a weight of between 3.5 and 5 kilograms, having a rounded abdomen and hair practically imperceptible to the sight and touch.

Its body is hotter than other races, this to solve the lack of hair on its body, so it generally has a temperature of up to 4 degrees higher.

Besides, the Sphynx cat is cheerful, kind and susceptible to manipulation.

Head of our bald sphynx cat Egyptian

Sphynx cats have a short, firm, rounded and pronounced muzzle; head of medium-size and slightly rounded, similar to the shape of a lemon -barely longer than broad- and prominent cheek bones, so you can see a slightly curve in its face.

They have a well developed and strong chin, moderate stop, with the skull slightly flattened on the forehead.

The eyes of this exotic cat are one of the most striking aspects, seeing that on its face they do not have eyebrows or eyelashes, so their eyes look bigger.

Their eyes are shaped like a rounded lemon and one of the most striking tones in sphynx cats are the yellow eyes.

Usually their eyes are of many colors, some of shades between green and hazel, but the eye color of our cats shall correspond with the color of the skin and are aligned to the base of the ears.

Likewise, the distance between their eyes is slightly wider than eye’s width (and this is how it should be).

Because they do not have eyelashes, their eyes produce discharge thicker than tears which works as a moisturizer and protects their eyes against dryness.

Ears of the Sphynx

You may notice that Sphynx cats produce more wax than other cats and that is because they do not have hair in their ears. Their ears are very large and broad at the base, without any hair inside; according to the WCF standard, a slight fluff on the outer side of the ears is allowed.

Their ears are always upright, always up and when you look at them from the front, the base of them is aligned with their beautiful eyes; besides, the ears are neither in the upper part of the head nor in the lower part.

Neck and body

It is proportional to its body, thin and rounded, with good musculature and slightly arched. As they get older their neck gets a more muscular look.

Our cats have medium-sized bodies, according to the WCF standard, muscular, with broad and rounded torso like their abdomen, so they always tend to look like they have eaten recently, although they should not look fat.

We need to put attention with this, about sphynx cats not having the appearance of being fat. You should know that they have a fast metabolism, so you should efficiently distribute the amount of food you give each day.

Legs and tail

They have sturdy legs but of medium-size and proportional to their body, also with musculature and their hind legs are a little more raised than the front ones.

They have long fingers, the paws are oval and also they have long toes (monkey fingers).

They have a thin, flexible tail, long and slender and it depends on the proportion to its body and in the form of a whip.

The tail is wider at the base but becomes narrower as it reaches the tip.

Sometimes you will see that they have a little tuft on the tip and may looks like a lion-tail. This characteristic is permitted.

Coat and Colors

Normally it is thought that sphynx cats do not have hair, and for that reason they are nicknamed “hairless cat”, however, they have a thin and short hair, the skin is only covered by a slight down.

They have a very delicate skin, and therefore can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, so they prefer more indoor environments.

They have a skin that encourages you to give them caresses, and since they are so pampered, they are delighted that you spend the day filling them with caresses.

About their colors, there are many varieties, but having the coat so short its body tends to be in light colors such as gray, nude, white, with some spots.

These patterns and colors are allowed by the WCF, and our cats are soft gray, although exposure to the sun intensifies their colors.

Since its skin is delicate, being for a long time under the sun is at risk of burns, the same happens with the weather or cold seasons.

Since they do not have long fur to cover themselves, the best thing is that if you buy one of our little ones, you provide it with many blankets in its bed so the sphynx cat can keep warm; you can also put on clothes for cats.

Our sphynx cats do not groom themselves, so here you have another feature different from the other breeds of cats, so you will have to take care of cleaning them.