Hairless cat sphinx portrait

Without a doubt, sphynx cats are famous around the world. Even if they do not know its name properly, people know about the hairless cat that has appeared in movies, series, anime and even music videos.

The main reason why sphynx cats are famous is its appearance.

It is so particular and curious that it draws too much attention; in addition, there are those who see similarity with an alien or a bat in them -although the bat aspect has it more elf cat-.

  1. They give a certain level of elitism

Because of its delicate but compact appearance, besides being considered an exotic cat, there are people who see it as the mascot that they must have to feel of a higher social level.

It is indisputable that the person who has a sphynx cat will not go unnoticed, both for the appearance of the cat itself and for the simple fact -not so simple- of being the owner of a sphynx cat.

  1. The expensive is striking

It is really common for society to be impressed or attracted by things that are expensive or difficult to obtain.

The case of the sphynx cat is not very far from this reaction, since it is actually a bit complicated to buy a sphynx cat in some countries.

In addition to this, there is the price of the sphynx cat.

This breed is considered one of the 10 most expensive breeds in the world. Besides, it was voted by the feline community as the most popular cat in 2018.

All these factors make the sphynx cat an exotic and interesting animal.

  1. They are stars in movies and music videos

Because sphynx cats are not common, they add them to certain movies or music videos to express elitism, snobbery or give the impression that the people in question have something that others do not.

Some series like Sherlock Holmes have included this cat in the cast, as well as Real Housewives of New Jersey or the music video of Lady Gaga, Bad Romance.

On the other hand, if we are speaking of anime, the well-known Dragon Ball has also included the sphynx cat in one of its films, and is no more than a God -literally- in the story.

  1. Featured behavior

Lovers of cats -or dogs- have an idea of what a cat’s behavior is like: independent, interested in its owner when it feels like it or to ask for food.

The fact that the sphynx cat is the opposite of this and being a cat is curious.

Certainly many doubt that the behavior of the cat sphynx is really as reported by the breeders or owners of these cats, but it turns out that they are really very dependent.

These cats prefer to be close to their owner, and they like to be by their side in every part of the house.

If you are in the kitchen, the sphynx cat may be there seeing what can help you.

The most surprising thing is that they do not groom themselves, and they are even friendly and loving. Yes, all cats are affectionate, but not as much as the sphynx breed.

  1. A mix of canine and feline

It can be commented that the Egyptian cat can sometimes adopt canine behavior, in the sense of knowing how to open doors and carry its toy so that the owner can play with it. They even tend to answer the call of their name.

These cats are very smart and creative; they love to attract attention and to pamper them.

They are the ones who receive the visits and make funny actions for everyone.

In a way, if you are a lover of dogs and cats, you have to consider this breed as a pet.

  1. Interior cat

Another point for which these cats are known is that you generally do not see them on the street. And if so, they will be well wrapped or when the sunlight does not touch the skin directly.

Since they do not have abundant fur, their skin is very sensitive to changes in temperature, so they can burn easily if there is prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.

This is a limitation or quality that stands out when talking about this breed.

  1. Famous in feline exhibitions

Over the years more feline associations accepted the Sphynx breed, and therefore, the number of people who know of the existence of this breed, including its name, has increased.

In feline associations like the CFA, the largest number of cats there are of the Sphynx, even more Sphynx than Siamese.

This change has given to understand that the Egyptian cats are having a greater acceptance in the society of feline lovers, as well as greater acceptance in the main feline associations.

  1. Recognized in the most important international feline associations

When the sphynx breed was beginning to have offspring under the supervision of breeders, few feline associations accept them in their records. Later some joined, but the CFA -who had already recognized the sphynx- decided to remove them from their records due to the question of whether they were long-lived or not.

This doubt came to light because initially the young sphynx cat died shortly after they were born, without even reaching maturity.

The CFA maintained its decision not to recognize this breed for approximately 26 years. Currently, it has recognized them again, likewise the WCF, TICA and FIFe.

Being recognized by these associations gives them status, as well as the options they have within the pedigree that is granted.

The points mentioned previously express only a part of why the sphynx cats are so famous, and it is that it is inevitable to see this breed and not feel curiosity. On the other hand, to feel aversion, but even those who think in this way give the bald cat certain fame.

Whether it’s positive or negative opinions, people talk about this race, inquire about it, and generate more information about it.

Added to this, the breeders are becoming more numerous, so it is intended that the sphynx breed has more ease of reproduction.