Since the appearance of this breed, some people have accepted that sphynx cats have a peculiar and different physique. These differences mean that even today there is a certain part of the population that does not like to see them.

The main reason is precisely what attracts many other people: its physique.

Some people think sphynx cats are ugly cats and look devilish, so people stay away and do not even consider having any of these cats.

On the other hand, there are many people who really love the large eyes of the sphynx cats and its smooth skin. Also, its physical texture, because it is practically unique among the variety of cat breeds.

It is common knowledge that the Sphynx cat is one of the most expensive breeds in the world, so, some decide to have one of these hairless cats to have the feeling of a higher rank in the social scale.

Having a sphynx cat gives some sense of superiority in some people, so that becomes the main reason to have a sphynx cat as a pet.

The question for some owners or breeders is: Sphynx cats only serve as a trophy?

While there are certain people who only use them as a means to obtain something, others take care of them and give them the love that each pet requires, and even treat them as a part of the family.

Recognized by feline associations

Since this breed was recognized by several associations such as the CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association), TICA (The International Cat Association), WCF (World Cat Federation) and FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline), it has acquired more status and is considered as a royal cat.

This statement has a great weight to be related to the Egyptian cats, whose similar physique is visible in different Egyptian pictographic paintings.

Although apparently it is not exactly this breed that coexisted with the Egyptian pharaohs, it is certainly similar.

Each feline association establishes its parameters according to what they require within the regulations to recognize the sphynx cat with the pedigree.

This is why before purchasing a sphynx cat; the buyer usually looks for a pedigree certificate to be able to attend feline exhibitions.

In this case, the sphynx cat has specific characteristics such as a certain distance between its eyes, the base of its ears, and the shape of its body, the color of its eyes and skin, and other details that are taken into account.

The objective of these competitions is to exhibit a certain amount of felines and to please the judges to obtain prizes that grant either recognition within the feline community or prize money.

Others only acquire these cats for breeding and reproduction, using the cats to procreate litters that will then be sold and thus live at the expense of the animal’s suffering.

You must be take into consideration that certain breeder centers mistreat the specimens they have, only using them for their own benefit.

Much more than a trophy

While it is true that there is a certain amount of monetary gain to have a sphynx cat with pedigree, these cats are not an object that should be purchased only to procreate or be trained for cat shows.

The bald Sphynx cats are loving and faithful cats, always with the intention of pleasing their owners and all people.

Like any pet, the sphynx cat will always want the love of its owners and the right thing is to give your cat a good life, not only maintaining its quality of life in perfect conditions but giving him the love and attention he needs.

The sphynx cat is dependent, so he/she will always demand attention and be happy with its afternoons full of games and warm places.

Caring for these cats is similar to caring for a baby or a puppy, from bathing to feeding.

You cannot leave them alone for a long time, as they tend to get bored quickly and having such a creative mind and being so smart, they will look for things to do.

They usually learn by themselves how to open doors so you have to pay special attention to it.

Usually sphynx cats go to look for the toys and a good hobby is to give them games of intelligence, as well as socialize them with other animals of its breed so that they entertain themselves.

Part of its behavior is not to be violent, so there is no big problem when introduce your cat to other animals and/or coexisting with them; the same applies to socialize with people.

Behavior of sphynx cats with children

The behavior of this hairless cat is not docile only with adults, but also with the smallest of the home.

The family constantly thinks about what kind of pet they can have depending on its lifestyle and the behavior the pet may have with the children.

Although cats are known to be defensive -at the risk of scratching people- sphynx cats are docile.

Its aggressiveness and territoriality are non-existent, so it is a very peaceful cat that lives very well with other pets and children.

Its behavior change comes with heat -as usual in cats-, and because of this the veterinarian commonly advises that it be cast or sterilized, as the case may be.

However, it is one of the weakest or “softest” heats among felines, seeing the change only because sphynx cats make sound that usually do not get used to and sometimes tend to want to leave home.

The question of whether the sphynx cat serves only as a trophy or “adornment” does not only focus on Egyptian cats, since this doubt is present in every animal that can be acquired as a life partner.

The answer will depend mainly on what the person thinks and aims for, but the animals never serve only as a trophy.

Each one of the sphynx cat has its qualities and shows its affection in its own way, so, sphynx cats clearly do not serve only as a trophy.

They are a great companion of life, and that is that their life extension extends to 20 years of age.