The appareace of the bald sphynx cat breed is not only its peculiarity, but also for its attitudes at home, and sometimes you wonder if those strange behaviors are really normal.

Day by day, cats show behaviors that turn out to be surprising and strange to people’s eyes, but in the eyes of a cat, they are totally normal.

Hide its legs under its body

When sphynx cats do this, it is because they want to reach the body temperature that they preffer. This attitude may seem strange to you, but take the position to recover body temperature.

Hide in suitcases, bags or boxes

For the bald sphynx cat breed, these places are like a refuge, where he or she can hide in case something bothers him/her. It is not enough with the place that you have organized for your sphynx cat, also takes the suitcases, boxes or bags as places to rest for a while feeling protected.

Also, cats look for these places if these has a warmer temperature.

Sleeping on strange surfaces

The bald sphynx cat breed is always in search of warmth, a place that generates a slightly higher temperature. Do not be surprised if you see him sleeping on surfaces such as the TV or the computer. If they generate heat, there he/she will be.

Stand on three legs

When you see that your bald sphynx cat has been standing on three legs -with a front one raised- it is because your cat wants to stretch its body.

They will avoid stretching on the ground and they will prefer to do it in a warm place, so they will be standing like that.

Sometimes sphynx cats keep their mouth open for a while

There are times when the cat smells something and stays for a moment with its mouth open, what happens in these cases is that your cat is using an organ that they have on the palate that is connected to its sense of smell.

This organ is used to detect pheromones and is also present in other animals, including people.

Cats posing in front of mirrors

Cats recognize or identify other cats by smell, not by sight. Then, when they see themselves reflected in a mirror they feel confused because they can not perceive the aroma of the other cat they see, because that other cat is itself.

Possibly the first time the cat see its reflection in a mirror will be a little scared, while kittens will possibly begin to play with the reflection.

Sphynx cat starts jumping suddenly

It may seem strange behavior but sphynx cats jump frequently in the house, especially when they are young.

Although this breed is submissive, it is also very energetic and loves to jump all through the house. It is a way to spend energy.

Sometimes they jump so high to get on a surface of the house and sometimes they stay at the top of a door.

The truth is that seeing them jump like that is very funny, at other times they will even jump and then they will get on your shoulder.

Bite the plants

This attitude is common in dogs and cats. It is usually because they have stomach discomfort or just out of curiosity, it may also be because they want to try something of different texture.

For cats that usually like to eat plants, you can ask the vet’s opinion and buy a special grass so you can play with it (but your cat must not eat it).

Certain plants are harmful to cats so pay special attention to it, go to the vet and ask for his opinion.

Lying on the computer keyboard

It has been mentioned that they look for warm places to rest, and a keyboard is not warm at all.

The answer to its strange behavior is that if your cat see that you use the keyboard a lot or plan to use it at that moment, he will lie down there to get your attention.

What better than being in the place that the owner uses every day?

Follow you to every corner of the house

This happens almost always and maybe you already know the reason.

The bald sphynx cat is very dependent on its owner, so it will always want to be where you are, either to feel protected or to sit on your legs and receive warmth.

Even if you are in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it’s going to follow what you’re doing and -yes, it sounds funny- see if it can help you.

An important advice is that you must hide all the sharp objects that are in sigth, as well as the wires that are hanging on the wall.

Due to its jumps or infinite curiosity he/she may want to guess what the cables for and he/she risks hurting himself.

Answer your call

Although it is common knowledge that cats “ignore their owners”, do not consider it strange that your sphynx cat responds to your call.

They are very intelligent felines that usually come when you call them by its name, so it is not a strange behavior if your bald sphynx cat acts in this way.

Walk and mew but not to order food

In these cases you have to rule out that you do it for some physical ailment, so watch its general behavior to see if something is bothering it.

Consider the context in which he is doing it, since sometimes it happens because the heat is approaching or your bald sphynx cat has noticed the smell of another cat.

If you see that its behavior is connected to an ailment, go to the vet.

In general there are behaviors of cats that are strange and really have a very simple explanation and that after knowing it, it seems an attitude very usual.

Mainly, it happens in other breeds, that bite the clothes or eat it, so you should go to the vet if your bald sphynx cat have ingested plastic or cardboard and take the necessary measures. This behavior is because they suffer from anxiety and should be treated quickly.

Mostly the strange behaviors that you can observe in your bald sphynx cat will be produced by its desire to be in warm places, to get a smile or the way to get your attention.

You will learn each of its facets and you will be familiar with each attitude your bald sphynx cat make. So do not worry! Read and learn all that you can about sphynx cats.